An SOS from a Greek to a European citizen

Σάββατο, 18 Φεβρουαρίου 2012 00:07
Amidst a storm of messages that you also receive for some time now from your media and voices that slowly rise from your intellectual communities expressing agony on what is happening in our society as well as the long term consequences to yours I thought of sending you this solemn message of distress.  This, before the total destruction of my country, hoping that thanks to new means of communications that surpass borders will reach you and will touch your heart.

More or less we are not strangers to you consequently there is no need of introductions. You have been visiting our country where for generations we lived proud for its beauty, simplicity and the easy way to survive.  And you were jealous of our luck because although you have a standard of living much higher it is only analogous to a much harder environment that you carry on with your life.  These were the days before the hurricane of consumerism washed us the Greeks on a rocky reality. Besides, as in waves, we are sending you good representatives in all sorts of human endeavor who with their presence remind you that we exist and waiting fondly for you to come back when you can.  Relations that give to all of us happy experiences as we have so much in common, values, history and many other things relevant to human existence.
Amidst a three year extreme hardship and terrible degradation of standards of living for our citizens, I can testify the severity of the crisis in the society. I try, through media that are controlled by a corrupt establishment, to evaluate the magnitude of my guilt in the creation of that situation and ways to recover.  I persevere, work hard and scared of the future as I hold with all my forces on our youth to prevent it exploding while  its best elements are being lost forever in foreign land and waves of illegal illiterate impoverished foreigners are replacing them.
I am very anxious and in distress about the situation.  I think that the future of our society is decided by a partite quasi-dictatorial establishment with ottoman foundations encroached on its backbone that cheated us, robbed us and brought us to where we are today.  Unfortunately your leaders, although they know by now the reality, choose still to talk to these established channels and continue to negotiate about our destiny and the destiny of our children that you know are not different to yours.
I feel that for our society there is not any other point for support than you the other European co-citizens. You must raise the alarm before it is too late.  To act in order to avoid the imminent catastrophe of ten million of your co-citizens on the top of a pile of billions of euro paper notes that the mafia of international finance managed to place as due for an immature and a week member of the European Union.  And this in order to utilize its destruction as a threat warning to all.
This message of distress is calling you to help us to communicate as a society directly with your leaders outside our discredited political system and the mafia circles of the international finance monsters in order agree a realistic path of survival with our resources and your support, safeguarding our society as member and part of yours.
A Greek citizen
17 February 2000 well

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