Defending the ordinary Greek people

Τρίτη, 25 Οκτωβρίου 2011 17:51
Schoolchildren with their intuition for natural justice and logic could govern Greece better than the Greek government. Greek people have spoken in masses loud and clear so many times but this time, on 19 and 20 October 2011, the general strikes and demonstrations seemed to be an apotheosis of their message. People of all ages expressed their anger and despair for a future of no hope. Mr Papandreou was talking in Parliament as if nothing was happening outside – completely detached from reality in his pathetic attempt to persuade parliament to vote for the ‘polynomosxedion’.

One could sense the uneasiness in Europe, while Mrs Merkel and Mr Sarkozi were desperately trying to keep cool having witnessed the Greek peoples’ revolt, who out of devastation have been fighting for their human rights.
When in the summer 2010, I read the mnemonium and the terms imposed by Troika upon the Greek government and Greek people for austerity measures to ensure the repayment of astronomical sums (which no sensible person would believe they could be repaid), I was appalled with the complacency shown by some educated Greek people about the potential consequences upon the future of Greece and Greek people.
The implications of the conditions were clear, namely to surrender national sovereignty and give away Greek public property to the lenders in case of default of the loan capital or accumulated interest. To achieve no default, it has been erroneously believed that the draconian austerity measures imposed upon Greek people, e.g. cutting their rightful pensions down, salaries and jobs, imposing unrealistic and disproportionate tax, would pay off the loans.
I spoke to colleagues but only one, the then President of the Greek Bar Association, Mr Paxinos, was quick to take the point of breach of the Constitution and the Human Rights Convention by the Greek government. Mr Paxinos, in his position as President, moved  the association to stage seminars inviting me and constitutional law professors to raise awareness of the Greek people about the future potential consequences of the Mnemonium. The message was spread but at that time it was suppressed.
An application was filed against the Mnemonium in the highest court for the protection of the Constitution and Human Rights arguing that the proposed measures were unconstitutional. The court eventually rejected the application but until now there has been no publication of the judgment as is required by the Constitution.
Where has justice and democracy gone?
Ordinary people were left in the dark for too long. The Greek government lacks transparency. It never, even until now, has explained to people what the consequences will be in the long run.
However, Greek people have now woken up and rightfully speak with anger. They just cannot pay out of the minimal monthly pension or salary of 700 or so Euro even for their most essential living expenses. Are the Greek leaders, who live in luxury, unable to count?
Being a Greek living abroad, I cannot help feeling aghast when I hear some people saying that Greeks deserve what they get because of systematic tax avoidance and corruption. They forget, perhaps, that it is not just the ordinary people who may have taken advantage of an incompetent system. It is the system and those who have the key to national funds that have allowed misappropriation of public funds and facilitated, by incompetence, tax avoidance. It is the governors who should be brought to justice to account. Parliamentary accountability was enforced in England because the system works.
Now is the momentum for Greek people to vote for an emergency governing body. A governing body which should be detached from the status quo which has persistently violated the rule of law.
I urge Greek lawyers, the judiciary, economists, business leaders, and the media, who have the knowledge and means to take action, to consider forming a committee representing the people but they have to be trusted. They can and should find a constitutional way to facilitate the election of an emergency government, which should bring to justice those who have misused public funds and help Greek people find a way out of the situation of bulling by Troika.
O ‘laos’ now has legitimate and constitutional power to take control in the light of the failure of its leaders. If no action is taken, Greece will be doomed to a frightening economic dictatorship and occupation by foreign rulers for many years to come. There will be no young Greek generation left in Greece.
I also call upon the masses of Greek people to rise proudly to the challenge and repeat saying NO to giving up their rights and national sovereignty, as they bravely did on 28 October 1940.
Greece is living the most critical time in its history, but if a peoples’ government takes control, Greece has natural resources, tourism and shipping and will become competitive, able to develop its productivity and employment. Otherwise, Greek people and their country with its cultural history will be sacrificed for the sake of saving the Euro (which serves the interests of the developed European countries) from its doom. This is a historic time and Greeks should raise their heads with pride as they have always done.

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